Insecticide Treatments

There are around 20,000 different types of known insects in the UK. Urban areas our homes and commercial sites can be attractive to insects as they provide a safe harbourage, food and concealed areas to breed in.

Insects present numerous risks such as

  • Food contamination
  • Fleas and Bed Bugs can bite and cause allergic reactions.
  • Risk of disease transmission.
  • Bad publicity from insect sightings.
  • It can sometimes be difficult to spot the first signs of a potential pest infestation, this can lead to infestations that go unnoticed and need professional riddance treatments as a matter of urgency.

Enviroguard provide control services for the following insects

Bed Bugs | Fleas | Wasp Nests | Ants | Flies | Cockroaches | MothsStored Product Insects | Woodworm

If you require insect control, Enviroguard provide a 24 hour emergency call out facility where a qualified technician will carry out the required work to bring the infestation under quick control, we will also give you advice on prevention and any recommendations.

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