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bed bugs

Insecticide Treatments

Insecticide Treatments There are around 20,000 different types of known insects in the UK. Urban areas our homes and commercial... View More >

Rabbit Control & Prevention

Rabbit Control & Prevention

Rabbit Control & Prevention Rabbits breed from the age of 4 months, producing 4-5 litters of approximately 5 young each... View More >



Mole Control In rural areas especially, moles can cause extensive damage to your garden/land by tunnelling through the soil. With... View More >

Food Industry Pest Control

Food Industry Pest Control – Enviroguard A Plus

The Enviroguard ‘pestguard plus’ Food Industry Pest Control service provides clients, typically in the food industry, with a higher level... View More >

Bird Spikes

Bird Spikes – Prevent Birds roosting on your property

Perching deterrent spikes are a simple, maintenance-free method of preventing birds from perching or roosting on exposed features such as shop signage, drainpipes, guttering and narrow ledges.

Guano removal

Guano Removal – Cleaning and decontamination

If you have a guano problem you should consult a qualified expert due to the risk of disease. Enviroguard provide a survey and quotation service, with a free risk assessment.

bird free gel

Bird Free Gel – Deter birds from your building

For an effective, but discreet bird deterrent, freephone Enviroguard on 0800 0687279 or to arrange a FREE site survey with one of our specialist bird control technicians.

Post & Wire Bird deterrent

Post & Wire Bird deterrent – prevent birds from settling or landing

Bird deterrent wires are a less aggressive-looking method of preventing pigeons from attempting to perch on narrow building features such as window sills and stone or brick ledges.

Bird Netting

Bird Netting – Prevent birds from entering your property

Enviroguards bird netting systems are a cost effective and long lasting ways of proofing buildings against all urban bird species.

health & safety

External Cleaning & Decontamination

Heavy infestations on external areas of buildings create large amounts of fouling and make buildings look unsightly, the fouling is... View More >

Guano Removal

Guano Removal – decontaminate and treat contaminated areas

There are several serious health and safety concerns related to bird droppings and associated waste. Top reasons for Guano Removal: Organisms... View More >

Fly Screening

Fly Screening – Prevent insects entering your premises

Insect proofing from EnviroGuard Pest control is the first line of defence in any effective insect control strategy.

fly killers

Fly Killers – electric high voltage and adhesive

We can advise and recommend the most cost-effective models for your needs. We offer a wide range of fly killers to ensure you have the most appropriate and effective unit for your site.

Textile Pests

Textile Pests

“Textile pest Insects” is a general term given to any insect that has the ability to digest a natural protein... View More >

Stored Product Insects

Stored Product Insects

“Stored Product Insects” is a general term given to any insect capable of infesting the raw materials of food or... View More >

Psocids (Booklice)

Psocids (Booklice)

From time to time people find that their food cupboards have become infested with tiny grey or brown insects. These are often found on the packaging of dry goods such as flour, milk powder, sugar or semolina.



Cockroaches carry food poisoning germs on their bodies and are responsible for the spread of dysentery and gastroenteritis. Contamination will occur when the insect comes into contact with food or work surfaces or through faecal contamination of foodstuffs.



Adult Fleas are about 2-7mm long and brownish in colour. Their bodies are compressed which allows them to move efficiently... View More >



Flies are excellent at spreading disease and bacteria, walking across surfaces they excrete saliva as they feed transferring bacteria from... View More >

bed bugs

Bed Bugs

There are two main types of bed bug. The most common bed bugs are the Common bed bug, found in... View More >

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