Bird wire installation on a recently proofed universityPost & Wire Bird deterrent wires are a less aggressive-looking method of preventing pigeons from attempting to perch on narrow building features such as window sills and stone or brick ledges. They work by preventing birds from looking over ledges into potential feeding sites as well as discouraging them from settling or landing.

What are Post & Wire Bird deterrents?

Nylon-coated wires are secured and tensioned between 100mm or 130mm tall stainless steel posts set at 1.3 metre centres and fixed into stone or brick using a 25mm nylon anchor plug. Pigeon wires are usually arrayed in two or three parallel rows to make it difficult for any bird to land and move around freely.

Are Post & Wire Bird deterrent wires long lasting?

Use of Mansafe on a recent installationThe supporting posts can also be powder-coated and welded to brackets for use on more fragile surfaces or where it is important to maintain a weather seal – such as on cladding panels or lead flashing. They can be fixed directly into stone and brick, but can also be mounted onto purpose-made brackets for fixing to cladding and leaded surfaces.

In the same way pigeon wires deter birds from perching near feeding sites, this heavy-duty version of the same system prevents gulls from settling and using ledges as daytime vantage points. The stronger wires and taller posts will stand up more readily to the weight of the larger birds and will cause them to look elsewhere for a perch.

When installed correctly, the wires are a discreet and effective deterrent against pigeons and gulls.

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