Removing bird droppings and bird related Guano is job that needs to be carried out by a specialist company such as Enviroguard.

Enviroguard recently cleared a large infestation of pigeons from a bell tower in central Manchester, birds were humanely dispatched, waste was decontaminated and removed from site for disposal.

Bird entry points were then netted with 50×50 anti pigeon netting to stop re infestation.

Well done to the Enviroguard technicians on this job, you can take your ear defenders off now.

If you are suffering from pigeon infestation or require guano removal, pigeon netting, bird spikes or any aspects of bird control in Manchester, Bolton, Liverpool, Warrington, Preston, Lancashire or Cumbria, contact Enviroguard on Free Phone 0800 068 7279 or by email  [email protected]