Bird Control

IMG_1759Nuisance birds – pigeons, gulls and starlings create mess and damage requiring costly cleaning and maintenance on buildings and around working environments. Just as bird species and habits vary, so does the right proofing solution. A variety of systems are available and each has its own particular advantages and disadvantages for any given situation.

Each bird proofing system Enviroguard provide is species-specific as we understand exactly how the birds will react to the installation. Birds will use different areas on buildings for different purposes – resting, roosting and nesting. Our team of bird control experts will provide a free survey to measure bird pressure throughout your site and provide advice and recommendations tailored to you particular business requirements.Enviroguard are accredited by the British Pest Control Association and are active members of the CHAS health and safety scheme meaning you can be reassured that the work will be completed safely and effectively. Our 15 years of experience and knowledge of bird behaviour ensures the result will be an installation that will be sympathetic to the appearance of your building whilst maintaining an effective barrier against pest birds.