Rabbit Control & Prevention

Rabbits breed from the age of 4 months, producing 4-5 litters of approximately 5 young each year meaning rabbit infestations can soon cause serious economic problems if not managed.  

Damage to crops, businesses and infrastructure, are just a few problems that can affect businesses and homes.

How can rabbits affect your business?

  • Tunneling rabbits can cause structural ground to become weak and unstable
  • Loss and damage to crops
  • Soil erosion caused by removal of vegetation
  • Damage to sapling trees
  • Deterioration of grassland areas such as golfing greens and fairways and formal lawns


There are a number of methods used in rabbit control and rabbit prevention. Enviroguard Technicians will select a combination of methods to control and manage your rabbit problem with minimum impact on the environment and other non target species.

Contact Enviroguard and we will be happy to provide recommendations and costings to deal with your commercial rabbit infestation.

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