It has been reported that the “Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Usage” (CRRU) is focusing on the farmers and gamekeepers of our country throughout 2012.

  • The aim of the programme will be to promote a best practice thought process to those actively using rodenticides.
  • It will also focus on increasing access to ” Wilfdlife-Aware ” accredited Technicians for those individuals or businesses that employ pest control professionals.

The CRRU also states that continued rodenticide misuse in this sector could ultimately lead to the likelihood that second generation rodenticides will be banned from some sectors of the market. The basis of the 2012 programme aims for four imperatives that the entire sector must get ovet to the rural rodenticide users.

These are:-

  • “Rat populations must be controlled effectively for reasons of human health, animal health, waste reduction and fire prevention.”
  • “Wildlife populations, in particular predatory birds, can be endangered by unintended exposure to rodenticides and this must not be allowed to happen.”
  • “Rural misuse or abuse of rodenticides is highly likely to restrict availability, or even total withdrawal, of rodenticide products, via EU legislation.”
  • “Responsible and effective control of rats are one and the same thing, and can be achieved cost-effectively by engaging a “wildlife aware” professionally or, when farmers and gamekeepers use rodenticide themselves; by applying the CRRU code.”

Enviroguard Pest Control operates within the CRRU code of practice and actively ensures our Technicians are all at a minimum RSPH / BPCA Level 2 standard and “Wildlife Aware” If you are in the Farming or Gamekeeping sector and need help or advice with respect to pest control please contact us on the number / link below.

Similarly, If you are a homeowner in a rural location and need pest control help but want to ensure it is done professionally and with a minimal to zero impact on non-target wildlife.

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The towns of Preston, Lancaster, Bolton, Wigan, Warrington, Manchester and Liverpool have many semi rural areas that border open farmland and all come into this category.