Specialist Cleaning

Birds such as pigeons, gulls and starlings have become major pests in urban areas.

These birds can generate large amounts of droppings and related guano waste on external areas of buildings, inside roof spaces and derelict buildings.

here are several serious health and safety concerns related to bird droppings and associated waste which are categorised as follows :

  • Organisms developing  in birds and passed to humans, e.g ornithosis. This organism is found in the bird gut, Infection from the gut, nasal and eye secretion contaminates fouling, feathers and nesting material which can survive  many months in dry dust and droppings. Disease transmission to humans is caused through inhalling the contaminated dust.
  • Organisms feeding / growing in birds nests e.g. Flies, Lice, Fleas, Insect ticks, Mites but also fungi that can also cause severe and sometimes fatal lung tissue infections
  • Organisms picked up and spread by birds e.g Salmonella and other diseases from contaminated foods, sewage plants, and agricultural sites.

EnviroGuard decontaminate and treat waste and contaminated areas with Insecticide and Biocide prior to clearance, reducing the risk of disease transmission and secondary infestation.

All Pesticides used in the control/treatment of fouling are selective and applied to ensure public safety. Method statements & risk assesments will be completed before work commences.

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All members of our service team are mobile platform IPAF accredited and trained to RSPH level 2.