Perching deterrent bird spikes are a simple, maintenance-free method of preventing birds from perching or roosting on exposed features such as shop signage, drainpipes, guttering and narrow ledges.

Non harmful deterrent

These stainless steel spikes do not harm the birds, they are flexible, withstand UV light and can be installed almost anywhere with a specialist adhesive avoiding the need to penetrate the building shell. This is of particular use when a building surface cannot be drilled as with lead flashing, parapets and capping stones.

Bird point is available in widths that will protect ledges from 50mm wide up to 320mm in a single row.

Are bird spikes your best solution?

Bird spikes for NHSIt is important to note that despite their flexibility and effectiveness wherever pigeons attempt to perch, bird point is less successful in very sheltered places. Pigeons have even been known to build nests on top of the spikes if it means they get to stay in their preferred nesting area. Don’t worry though; we’ll tell you what’s suitable and guarantee our recommendations so the birds don’t come back.

Gull deterrent spikes

Gull deterrent spikes are a heavier duty version of the pigeon spikes and have a slightly longer spike, preventing them from landing on the leading edges of buildings, exposed features such as lamp-posts, drainpipes and guttering.

The Birdpoint system is available with plastic or stainless steel prongs from 304 grade to 316 grade stainless.