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black ants


The Garden Ant (Black Ant). The garden ant is black in colour and has a segmented body, workers are 5mm... View More >

Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp Nest Removal

Contact EnviroGuard for safe effective Wasp Nest Removal Wasp Nests Wasps are typically black and yellow and from 18mm to 23mm... View More >


Rodents threaten almost every aspect of daily lives; mice will as the name suggests invade buildings in search of food... View More >



Rodents threaten almost every aspect of daily lives; rats will invade buildings in search of food and shelter, and in... View More >



A term used for the destructive larvae of the Common Furniture Beetle. First sign of woodworm is the appearance of... View More >

Plaster Beetle

Plaster Beetle

Plaster Beetle In a new house where plaster is still damp, or where damp plaster occurs in old property, very... View More >



Most “mosquitoes” seen in houses are in fact the harmless and unrelated Crane Fly. True mosquitoes are very much smaller... View More >

House Dust Mite

House Dust Mite

Exceedingly common, minute creatures of the genus Dermatophagoides. The main source of the house dust allergens implicated in allergic, respiratory reactions such as asthma.

Green Bottles

Green Bottles

Large buzzing flies about 9mm long with a characteristic bottle-green sheen on the back. Mostly carrion feeders that enter houses to seek places to hibernate and, in passing, may well alight on exposed foodstuffs

Flour beetles

Flour Beetles

Small reddish-brown beetles about 3-4mm long that feed on flour and cereal debris in warm buildings. May be accidentally introduced into the larder in packaging or in the ingredients themselves.



The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 provides protection for all species of bat found in the United Kingdom. It is illegal to kill, or even disturb, bats in their roosts.

Pest Eradication

Pest Eradication – 24 hr emergency call out

EnviroGuard Pest Control provide a 24 hr emergency call out facility where a qualified technician will carry out the required work to bring the infestation under quick control

Food Industry Pest Control

Assured Food Industry Pest Control

Assured Food Industry Pest Control The Enviroguard pestguard plus service provides clients, typically in the food industry, with a higher level... View More >

Approved Pest Prevention Service – Prevention is more cost effective than cure!

Our qualified technicians will carry out regular site visits against specified pests through the year. They'll identify and eliminate pest risks long before they pose any significant threat to your business and its reputation.

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