Woodworm refers to the damage caused to timber by wood-boring beetles. The larvae feed on the wood, creating a network of tunnels. The length of time spent in the wood by the larvae depends on the species but is typically 3 – 5 years. At the end of this period the larvae pupates and emerges as the adult beetle , forming the ‘flight’ holes that are often seen on the timber. The adult then mates and the cycle continues; new eggs will often be laid back in the wood in previous flight holes.

Woodworm can initially enter the property on infected wood, furniture or wickerwork, or will simply fly in through an open window. There are several woodworm species that have the capability of attacking wood in buildings. Enviroguards surveyor will be able to correctly identify the infestation and recommend the right woodworm treatment.

All work is guranteed for 20 years, certificates of insurance are supplied after completion of each job.

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