Gull Nest Removal

Using imitation eggs is a viable and effective method of gull control. Research has proved that urban gulls will accept plastic imitation eggs in place of their own in their nests with the gulls incubating them for twice the normal incubation time (56-60 days). When eggs are finally rejected, the nests are abandoned without replacement eggs. Whilst incubating the imitation eggs, the gulls are quiet and less aggressive, reducing annoyance and attacks. As well as keeping breeding gulls calm, repeated replacement of real eggs with non-viable imitations in each breeding season reduces the number of hatchlings and future recruits within treated areas.

Very High Success Rate

The effectiveness and ease of deployment of the eggs, has resulted in a very high success rate by using the eggs.

If you require gull control contact Enviroguard for a quotation along with peace of mind that all work will be undertaken with the correct licences and inline with current legislation.

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